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Dear Friend:
This site will familiarize you with the collection of scupltures created by American artist Seward Johnson. It is presented in a three part division moving from the Classic, the man-on-the-street series begun in the 1980's, through the Beyond the Frame body of work inspired by the Impressionist masters, and ending with the Icons series. Each of these groupings is ongoing, and new works are added by the artist as he discovers unique ways to further develop and complete his expression of the subject matter.

Each design is cast in edition and limited to seven castings, therefore, the availability of sculptures for purchase and exhibition shifts frequently. A comprehensive price list can be obtained for The Sculpture Foundation, along with a complete exhibitions and placements listing.

Thank you for your interest in this work, and enjoy the site.

Warm Regards,
Paula A. Stoecke
Director & Curator

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